Solution & Service

Our Service starts from concept to design, procurement, construction, commissioning, training, and PM for the following projects:

  • Central Catering
  • Kitchen and Canteen in Hospital, Camps, Universities
  • Restaurant (Fast Casual, Casual Dining, Fine Dining)
  • Fast Foods
  • Bakery
  • Pastry
  • Coffee Shops
  • Gelato & Ice Cream
  • Food Truck, Food Streetand Kiosk
  • Kitchen to Go and Temporary Kitchen

Geo Kitchen expertise to developing master planning, process design, equipment layout, and process organization according to ISO 22000, HACCP regulation and hygiene standards. Our experience with our knowledge about area culture provide an optimal, reliable and cost-effective solution in this field, we also supply the equipment’s for the projects by different suppliers in Europe and US.  

Our Reference in special large scale catering (more than 35,000 meal/shift) with modern technology make Geo Kitchen as a leading company in this field in this area.



Our project approach and procedure is as follows:

  • Conceptual  Design (Type, Menu)
    • Pre Planning :

Definition of the requirements, fixing the premises and parameters. Clarifying   Production capacity and conditions, and the site conditions. Meeting, planning session at the site

    • Layout :
      • Basic concept with the definition of building type, space request, type of production unit, food program, a way of operation, quality level of equipment, energy concept.
      • General layout drawing with room classification, process flows, materials flow,   Staff flow, equipment flow
      • Final layout drawing with equipment proposal and equipment specification, budget calculation.
    • Final planning

Final planning with functional room concept, final positioning of the equipment and workflow, Equipment list with a specification.

    • Presentation

Presentation of the final planning, Kitchen 3D design, and quotation to the Client

  • Finalizing of the proposal 

In cooperate with a client for approval procedure, revision and finalizing the proposal included drawing, layout, equipment specification, budget calculation.

    • Procurement
      • Evaluate and qualified the suppliers
      • Order and purchasing
      • Factory inspection

Installation and Commissioning

  • Installation drawing
  • Site control
  • Installation and erection
  • Setting into operation


  • Training the client operator


  • Spare part organization
  • Period Service during warranty time
  • After sale service

     Periodic Services (PM)